Baby Bratz Dolls: Fashionable Babies

Baby Bratz

Baby Bratz are an offshoot of the very popular Bratz doll line manufactured by MGA.  These are not your run-of-the-mill baby boys and girls, these are fashion babies with a complete range of trendy clothes available in which to dress them.

The Bratz doll line consist of teenagers Chloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha Bratz and the Baby Bratz are these characters when they were babies.  In keeping with human babies who have heads too big for their tiny bodies, these Baby Bratz have large heads which are even larger than their teenage versions.  This seems to add to their cuteness and they look adorable in their different outfits, especially the winter dress ups.

The baby Bratz dolls are priced between $7 to $15 each and their clothes can be found around $5 – $6 per pack depending on where you purchase them. There are lots accessories available priced somewhere between $8 to as high as $30 depending on which accessories you buy.

If you are a mom, dad or grandparent with a little girl who wants a Bratz doll but you aren’t keen on the excessive make up look and attitudes of the teenage dolls, the Baby Bratz dolls will probably be a welcome gift.

Many dolls can be quite brittle and breakable.  Baby Bratz dolls appear to be resistant to most  typical types of abuse that it will get in a child’s possession, like being thrown, trod or sat on and make believe car accidents.  Sure they might break if the dog chews them up, but they are safe in regular play.

If you collect fashion dolls or you are just looking for a lovely doll to give to a little girl, you simply can’t afford not to check out the nice baby Bratz line of dolls. They are an affordable doll range.  Twenty dollars could buy you a doll and a couple sets of clothes and you may even get change which makes it great value for a doll range tons of play fun for your little girl.

Most stores at home and many countries around the world that sell toys carry a range of these cute baby dolls and their accessories.  Most people who have one Baby Bratz cannot stop there and end up buying another. They each have their own personalities and although you will like them all, you will find that one becomes a favourite.  Sasha appeals most to me; which do you like best?

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Baby Bratz

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